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Fish Care Rules

Please watch this video which helps to explain our Fish Care rules.

The Rules

Crystal Waters have a zero tolerance to all recreational drugs and the misuse of alcohol, at anytime at the fishery

All Landing Nets & Poles, Waders, Bait spoons & Bait Boats will be dipped & flushed through our dip tank.

Carp Cradles & Weigh Slings are provided.

No personal cradles or weigh/ recovery slings are allowed at Crystal Waters

  1. No inflatable boats (Bait Boats allowed)
  2. No Drones allowed
  3. No swimming
  4. No sacking
  5. No particle, pellet, maggots or sweetcorn
  6. No plastic or artificial baits allowed
  7. No fixed rigs(safety rigs only)
  8. All leads must be ejected
  9. No Shelf Life bait allowed apart from CC Moore / Freezer bait only
  10. No braid except marker/spod rod
  11. No braid or lead core leaders
  12. Micro barbed hooks only
  13. No portable generators
  14. No fires
  15. No pets
  16. No rods to be left unsupervised / Rods must be alarmed at all times
  17. No climbing of any trees
  18. No cutting of any vegetation
  19. No rubbish to be left in swims
  20. No BBQ’s in wooded area’s
  21. No loud music
  22. No removal of any species of fish
  23. No removal of any fish 50lbs or over in weight
  24. Unhooking mats must be used Carp cradle type only supplied by Crystal
  25. Carp medi kits are to be used if required and must be shown to bailiffs before fishing commences
  26. 3 rods per angler minimum 3lb test curve rods advisable
  27. Big pit reels or the equivalent are recommended as there several fish to well over 80lb
  28. 2 x minimum 42″ landing net required
  29. Minimum 15lb mono to be used – Spod/Spomb must have a spomb float
  30. Single hook lengths only to be used
  31. Sensible lighting to be used
  32. Speed limit 5mph/8kph
  33. Please respect all wildlife
  34. Cars must be parked in car park after drop off has been made
  35. Please use toilets provided. Defecating around the lake will not be tolerated