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Catch Report

Week Commencing: 25th May 2024

We had it all this week. The weather was once again all over the place, sun, rain, thunder & lightening and some cold nights, you name it we had it.

The fish were still in groups wanting to spawn, but the weather was again throwing a spanner in the works. It was crazy to see the fish showing, taking Mayfly & fry, but not really wanting to know any other baits.

The boys took nature at its best in their stride, & enjoyed the week, i have to say the banter was brilliant.

Great group of lads, who worked hard, & caught a few.

The lake is now on a break until the 6th July to give the girls & boys a break & a chance to finish their spawning in peace. Also we have some planned works.


Total number of carp caught: 15
4 x Doubles
3 x 20's
3 x 30's
2 x 40's
3 x 50's