Question: Do I need medical insurance?

Answer: Yes – You need to get your own for the duration of your holiday Travel/Medical Insurance can be obtained from the Post Office. You will also need to obtain a “European Health Insurance Card”.
Follow Link: www.dh.gov.uk/travellers

Question: Do I need Tackle insurance?

Answer: We fully recommend that you obtain your own Tackle insurance for the duration of  of your holiday. Crystal waters will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of tackle however caused whilst at the fishery or in transit

Question: Is my English Tackle Setup adequate for France

Answer: In the main Yes, we recommend that you use a minimum of 3lb test curve rods, with big pit reels loaded with a minimum of 15lb mono. Rigs & hooks are a personal choice, so as long as you use safe leaders and microbarb hooks. All leads must be ejected, so we suggest the MCF clip system. Also a minimum 42″ landing net is required. Also bring a marker rod, it’s one the most important bits of kit, you will use. Carp medical kits to be used on hook holds etc. large carp cradle, not flat style matts

Question: How much bait will I need?

Answer: This is a personal choice but we recommend 20 kilos. If you run out of bait we do sell it on site.

Question: Can I use a bait boat?

Answer: Yes, but there are strict rules regarding rigs in boats.

Question: Where do we meet?

Answer: Crystal have a new meeting point & secure carpark at the Reylon Dover, please contact Crystal office for details & how to book.

Travel time to the lake is approx 4.5 hours. You return to back to the car park at approx 16.00pm the following Saturday

Question: Can I pay in Euros

Answer: No all payments are to be paid in sterling

Question: Is there charging facilities on site for mobile phones etc

Answer: Yes