This bait is a true winner and probably our best fishmeal-based bait yet.

The boilie itself has been made up from sardine and anchovy meal, krill meal and squid meal both in powder and liquid form to maximize its pulling power, it has a small amount of CLO to aid digestion and blood liver powder to help its durability so hitting great distance with a throwing stick is not a problem. As you can guess from its name its main flavour is the awesome monster crab, a true legend that has proved over the years to be a consistent winner.



The Seville is a fishmeal-based bait but with a little twist and this really does compliment the Claws bait.

It is packed with all the goodness from the same fishmeal’s as the Claws but a few more proteins and attractors have been added to the mix. As for its flavour we have used the finest orange and black pepper oils which really kicks attraction through the water columns.


Both baits have been especially designed for Crystal Waters and can only be purchased from Crystal direct at a price of £35.00 per 5 Kilos.

If you do wish to purchase our baits, please call Karen on 08451801412 or 07917701100

Please be advised that we do require 2 weeks’ notice should you wish to purchase our bait.