We have suffered a number of casualties that haven’t made it through the long and very cold winter along with the continued rise and fall of the lake levels. Count so far is approx 37 fish, that have popped up as the water is getting warmer, to say we are gutted is an understatement. We have taken professional advice from a fish expert in Burgundy and done exactly what he asked us to do, in the main all the fish that have perished and popped up so far are low doubles and singles, with a couple of 20’s and 30’s. The fish expert in the same region said that we are the 3rd fishery he knows of that has experienced this winter virus, which is caused by malnourishment and the smaller fish have very little reserves to survive a long winter. We are fortunate that next week was booked out to some friends, who actually cancelled this week due to a family death. It’s not been nice for the anglers at Crystal this week, but I want to thank you all for understanding and helping our Bailiffs who have been fantastic during this gutting time. I hope we are almost at the end of this situation, over the last 2 years we stocked 170 young fish, it’s a real choker to see these babies popping up. we will keep everyone posted, running a fishery certainly test your nerves and emotions.


Lee and the Crystal team