Crystal Update

After taking lots of advise from Sparsholt and a french fisheries specialist and also our fish supplier. We very much hope we have turned the corner, they believe the virus was bought on by stress probably as a result of the long winter and the rising lake levels caused by the floods.

We have been at the lake all week and removed several fish, we know there are few still to come up as we lost 3 fish whilst trying fork them out. Good news is that there are lots of fish moving and yesterday there were fish all round the margins under the trees.

fish lost

49 mainly doubles and scraper 20’s
4 x 30’s
4 x 40’s
1 x 50
these include the fish we couldn’t get

Ive just spoke to Tony Errington who is running the crystal trip this week, he has told me that he cant see any dead fish, which is great news. Hopefully the worst is over.

Thanks for everyone’s support