Hello Lee,

Keith & Mick say many people forget about sending you guys some sort of response after there trip !!!!

How could they forget fishing at “Crystal Waters” ??

Well only to let you know that after a eventful week to say the least, it’s only right that your Lake, Staff and facilities are something to right home about.

Keith alias “Drafty” and Mick really do go that extra mile to make our week Fun, memorial, and comfortable as possible. I said it last year and I’ll say again this, “they are a credit to you and Crystal.”

If you could bottle what ever the pair of them are on !!!!! I’ll buy in to it for sure JJJ

Ok thanks for another year of fun, frolics, and banter we Alex and I enjoyed it lots.

Paul & Alex O’Connor.

Couple of photo’s

Ps. My last night fishing cost me dearly for being late……..

Speeding fine……. late Euro tunnel crossing………….well worth it JJJ