Hi Lee.

What a great time we had at Crystal again last out in the draw i really thought my luck was out, with only 3 swims left to choose from i choose the only swim left which gave good access to the large island. With a lily bed in front of me it gave me an ideal margin spot for one rod which did produce one fish a 24lb mirror caught on a naked chod. Out at the island i soon found 2 spots for my other rods both on gravel in between weed beds. These two spots went on to produce 15 fish steadily throughout the week. With 1 32lb Common 6 Mirrors from 31lb 12oz to 35lb 8oz 6 twenties some of which almost made 3olb and 3 doubles . All in all it was a great week with fantastic company with great food cooked by Drafty and Mick well done guys you do help make it a week to remember can’t wait for next year to come round all the very best to the Crystal waters team .

Big Bob & Sandra Naisbitt.