French Driving Laws


1. Drink driving limits are 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood, not 80 mg as it is in the UK. This means less than one glass of wine or pint of beer and you will be over the limit. YOU MUST CARRY 2 BREATHALYSER’S

2. You must have a florescent jacket in the car, (not the boot), for each person in the car. A lot of people mistakenly assume they only need one for the driver. *

3. It is illegal to travel without spare bulbs and fuses for your vehicle. *

4. Unless you have a new style EU number plates then you must have a GB sticker on your car.*

5. Warning triangles are to be used in the event of breakdown. *

6. You must have Headlamp Beam adaptors fitted for continental driving, even if you are travelling on the first day of your trip during the daylight. *

7. You MUST take photocopies of your insurance, vehicle registration documents, MOT etc. as you may need them at customs, but definitely if you get stopped by the police.

8. You will need both parts of your driving licence with you.

9. On Toll roads you take a ticket when you enter and you pay when you leave, so they can see how many km you travelled.

10. If you have a sat-nav system with speed camera detection on it you must turn this off as it is illegal to use this in France.