My first contact with Lee from Crystal waters was when he phoned me to offer me the Lake for a Fire Service Charity fishing match. This offer was greatly received and after a year of planning and organising the event the date had finally arrived.

We met at a local fire station to load up the trailer and van ready for the off. Lee turned up with our bailiff for the week Jason. Shortly after followed Lee’s Father-in-Law Tom. They are all really friendly people and we all knew that the week was going to be a good one. After loading the trailer we were all given a Crystal Waters T-Shirt which was a really nice touch. Lee had also organised us a trophy to give to the person who caught the biggest fish of the trip. This was something that Crystal Waters had done for us as another kind offer.

After a 2 hour drive down to Folkstone to meet up with the coach and the other guys we were all itching to get to the lake. Tunnel crossing done, now it was just the coach journey to the lake to go. Now I’m not one for sleeping on coaches as I can never get comfortable but the coach laid on by crystal waters was a bit different. BK Travel (coach company) coach has lovely comfortable front and rear facing leather chairs.

You have a large TV screen front and back so everyone can see the telly, just to make the journey pass quicker. I slept for a good few hours on the way to the lake but due to the excitement sleep was the last thing on my mind. We arrived at the lake in good time, although I think Brian our driver may have taken a wrong turn along the way, although he’ll never admit it. Into the gates and we were greeted by a stunning looking lake. Considering we went over in march and there were no leaves on the trees etc I can see this lake would have had me drawling in the summer!

After a cup of tea, a couple of quasonts (when in France) and a welcome chat by Tom, we were shown round the lake by the resident Bailiff Dilan. What this lad doesn’t know about the lake, well it isn’t worth knowing. When then had the draw. Out of ten anglers I picked number 10!!

So needless to the 4 swims I really fancied had been taken. I settled for swim 12. I chose this, as there wasn’t anyone in 11 and 13 so I had plenty on water to play with.

We knew the fishing was going to be hard and for the first 2 days nothing happened. Warren, in peg 6 lost one on Sunday night which was the first sign of activity then shane in peg 4 had a 21lb mirror, so things were looking up. Monday went by with out event until after tea. Around 9ish warren had another take and managed to land a 21lb 12oz mirror.

This was a new personal best for him so we were all really happy for him. Just as I got back to my swim, after taking photos my left hand rod screamed into action and after a short tussle I landed a 24lb mirror. The pressure was off and I could fish properly again.

The following morning my good friend John landed a 32lb mirror. This was a great piece of angling as he saw some fizzing in the margin and cast a single to it, half hour later fish in the net. Top Angling.

We had some bad weather at the start of the week but as the week went on the weather improved. With Low pressure moving in we thought we were going to be catching a few. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be as the fish weren’t playing ball. At the end of the week we ended up with 13 fish between us including 3 30’s, the biggest being 36lb 10oz.

I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken, i was lucky enough to have 4 fish up to 28lb.

We had a fantastic week. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. The bailiffs for the week couldn’t do enough for you. What ever you wanted they tried their hardest to do it. The food was spot on, lots of it and nice and hot. The only gripe we had was the two things crystal can’t guarantee, that was the weather and the fishing although we cant really complain about that really as I think everyone had at least 1 take.

Really need to thank Lee, Tom, Dilan and Jason for a fantastic week. They really couldn’t do enough for us. Thanks Guys

I cant wait to get back next year, or later this year if the wife lets me.