Hi Lee/Karen,

Please see attached pics of 4 of the fish i had during the last week at Crystal, it was a fantastic week and i had an amazing catch. I had 19 fish in total topped by three 50’s which were as part of a triple take. The pics attached are the three 50’s which were 50.8,51.8 and 55.8. The two commons were 46.4 and 44.0.

1xdouble,3×20’s,8×30’s,3×40’s and 3×50’s aswell as a 54lb sturgeon.

The triple take story:
It was on the Tuesday, i was just watching a mate on the other side playing a fish when my left hand rod ripped off, whilst playing this fish my middle rod started going so i struck into that one and put it back the rest to continue taking line. To my surprise the third rod let out a bleep and also ripped off at which point i had no choice but to call for help. Carl the bailiff came round and picked up the third rod, i managed to get the first one in the net and considering i have never had a 50 before this trip i was elated to see that this was defiantly one. I picked up the second rod and played that one in whilst Carl was keep the third one under control out in the lake, the second went in the net and Ed said that is a big 50 so you have a brace of 50’s here mate so i was on cloud 9 at that point when Carl said you better take this one now ! I then carried on with the battle on the third rod whilst the two bailiffs kindly helped get the other two fish sorted and get me another net, when the third one eventually went in the net we all looked at each other and said that looks like a 50 too and i was blown away to say the least. The swim was carnage but we managed to get the photo’s and weighing done ensuring the fish were all safe and sound, it was one hell of an hours fishing.

I would to say a big thanks to Ed and Carl who were both excellent help and excellent company throughout the week, i can’t wait to get back for another trip.

All my fish were on Pure Muscle hook bottom baits tipped of with white Krill pop ups as a snowman presentation, size 4 Lord cranks, dark matter braided hook link, fox silk lead clip and Kora dark matter rig tube.